On Tiptoe

Singers: Pat Allen, Jonathan Asprey, Ed Baggett, Conway Barker, Pat Beall Gavigan, Diane Davis Andrew, Max Dyer, Mimi Farra, David Gustafson, Margi Pulkingham, Louise Jolly, Mikel Kennedy, Martha Barker, Gary Miles, Arabella Miner, Jodi Page, Tim Whipple, Ruth Wieting, Jon Wilkes. Guitar: Jonathan Asprey, Diane Davis, David Gustafson, Mikel Kennedy, Jodi Clark, Tim Whipple. Bass Guitar: Max Dyer, Jon Wilkes. Cello: Max Dyer. Violin: Louise Jolly. Piano: Pat Allen, Betty Pulkingham. Percussion: Arabella Miner, Tim Whipple.
Sound Engineer: Ray Prickett, Pye Studios, London. Recorded in the chapel of St. John’s College, University of Oxford, by kind permission of the President and Fellows of St. John’s College.
We are grateful to the following copyright holders for the use of their material: Canticle of the Gift © 1967, 1970 American Catholic Press; Hallelujah! His Blood Avails for Me © 1972 Bud-John Songs, admin. EMI Christian Music. All other original material on this recording copyrighted by Celebration. Produced by Celebration (ASCAP).

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