Let Our Praise

LET OUR PRAISE BE AS INCENSE represents what was developed at Cumbrae, Scotland, where Celebration was in residence for 10 years. This recording contains a wonderful blend of music with roots that can still be traced back to the Hispanic influences of Houston as well as strains of Celtic music, from the contemplative music of Taize to a contemporary setting of Psalm 148 filled with percussion. This recording uses the rhythmic, energetic, Spanish-flavored communion setting, El Shaddai.

Singers: Wiley Beveridge, Bill Farra, Mimi Farra, Richard Gullen, Kevin Hackett, Phil Higgs, Bob Morris, Val Nobbs, Anita Plummer, Steven Plummer, Betty Pulkingham, Martha Pulkingham, Leslie Roberts, David Stayner, Carol Tokely, Ruth Wieting. Guitar: Wiley Beveridge, Mimi Farra, Richard Gullen, Phil Higgs, Leslie Roberts. Cello: Martha Pulkingham. Bass Guitar: Richard Gullen, Betty Pulkingham, Martha Pulkingham. Flute: Wiley Beveridge. Oboe, Cor Anglais: Andrew Maries. Keyboard: Mimi Farra, Betty Pulkingham. Digital Synthesizer: Wiley Beveridge, Betty Pulkingham. Drums: Wiley Beveridge, RIchard Gullen, Kevin Hackett, David Stayner. Percussion: Richard Gullen, Kevin Hackett, Martha Pulkingham, Leslie Roberts, Ruth Wieting.
Sound Engineer: Ray Prickett. Equipment and Technical Assistance: Brook Trickett. Recorded in the Cathedral of the Isles, Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland. Cover Design: Kevin O’Neill. Produced by Celebration.

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