A Larger Place

The gospel vision of God's kingdom is one of wholeness, compassion, reconciliation and peace. It is a vision which stands in stark contrast to the world in which we live, a place so often characterised by brokenness, division, loneliness and violence; a place where millions upon millions of people experience poverty, injustice and oppression every day.

The songs on this recording speak of hope in the midst of present reality. They encourage us all to seek the gospel vision, to be the worshipping people of God, to let our worship transform our participation in God's world and to know that God is restoring his creation and will bring the whole of it to A Larger Place - a place of peace, a place for all people.

Guitar: Richard Gullen, Bill Pulkingham. Electric Guitar: Richard Gullen. Bass Guitar: Richard Gullen, Max Dyer. Flute: Wiley Beveridge. Piano: Betty Pulkingham. Synthesizers: Wiley Beveridge, Richard Gullen, Kevin Hackett, Sandy Hardyman Stayner. Percussion: Richard Gullen, David Stayner. Additional Singers: Jodi Page-Clark, Jackie Gullen, Judith Harris, Anita Plummer, David Porter.
Sound Engineer: Ray Prickett. Equipment and Technical Assistance: Tony Arnold and Gary Jones. Recorded in Arny’s Shack, Parkstone, Dorset, England, with the exception of ‘Hey, hey, it’s a good morning’ which was recorded in the Cathedral of the Isles, Millport, Scotland. Produced by Celebration Services (International) Ltd.

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