Christ Among Us

The Lord is come among us
with grace and power.
Gently transforming us,
His life flows in our midst;
Growing, brimming over
in the glory of worship.
Together, we live the life
of Christ Among Us.
          David Stayner

The parish choir of the Church of the Redeemer, Episcopal is under the direction of George Mims. Album Music Coordinator: Nancy Newman. Organ: Leslie Mims. Guitar: Rick Roberts, Oressa Wise, Ed Baggett, Brian Howard. Flute: Grace Krag. Cello: Mac Dyer.
The album was recorded in the Chapel of the Villa de Matel, Houston, Texas through the gracious hospitality of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. The picturesque grounds of the convent provide the setting for this album cover. Sound Engineer: Bill Holford, ACA Recording Studios, Inc. Houston, Texas. Produced by: NET Records.

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