Lo He Comes

The historic Paisley Abbey has for eight hundred years been filled with the sounds of God’s praises. It made a fitting setting for this recording of traditional and contemporary hymns and anthems. The strong thematic arrangement of the music selected for this recording calls us to think about who Christ is and what it means for us, the church, to be his people. It begins with an affirmation of our faith in Christ as he who came, died, rose and sent his Spirit upon us. It continues with a reflection on the people of God who uphold this faith and relate it to a changing world.

Singers: Christine Allen, Pat Allen, Ed Baggett, Conway Barker, Pat Beall Gavigan, Jane Clowe, Max Dyer, Bill Farra, Mimi Farra, Richard Gullen, David Gustafson, Sandy Hardyman Stayner, Judith Harris, Phil Higgs, Louise Jolly, Nona Keene, Jackie Kemp, Carol Kennedy, Mikel Kennedy, Grady Manley, Gary Miles, Gerry O’Meara, Betty Pulkingham, Bill Pulkingham, Graham Pulkingham, Margi Pulkingham, Rick Roberts, Lindsay Treen, Ruth Wieting. Guitar: Mimi Farra, Mikel Kennedy, Bill Pulkingham. Bass Guitar: Max Dyer, RIchard Gullen. Cello: Max Dyer. Violin: Louise Jolly. Flute: Leslie Macleod. Organ: Mimi Farra. Piano: Betty Pulkingham. Percussion: Jackie Kemp, Bill Pulkingham, Ruth Wieting. 
Cover Design: Ruth Wieting, Diane Gustafson. Front Cover Photo: Christine Allen. Sound Engineer: Ray Prickett, Pye Studios, London. Recorded in Paisley Abbey, Paisley, Scotland.
We are grateful to the following copyright holders for the use of their material: God is working his purpose out music by Martin Shaw, reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press, admin. Harry Fox Agency; Come gracious Spirit © 1976 Church of the Messiah All other original material on this recording is copyrighted by Celebration. Produced by Celebration (ASCAP).

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