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The Way In, a coffeehouse ministry near Allen’s Landing, Houston, TX, involves 35 young men and women committed to communicating their faith with freedom, boldness, and gentleness.  God is love and that makes a difference in daily life.  These young people have given themselves to love one another with a pure heart, fervently.  In so doing, they have found Jesus—“The Way In.”




The Way In (poem)

each person has a need

each person has something to share

each person finds the way in

the way in is a door

it has hinges

it swings open and shut

man can find the way in

the way in is like a pod

a burst of seed

it has many tiny parts

everything said is

like a thousand more things

it doesn’t hold itself in

it can’t

the way in is like winter

it’s a waiting period

it can be a long or short season

it has lots of patience and silence

it hopes

spring comes after winter

the seed and the sun

will break through the ground

the way in is a broken toy

the way in is a rope

with a tight knot in the end

the way in is a window

the way in is a door half open

the way in is waiting

the way in is finding

the way in is rejoicing

the way in is believing

the way in is free