Cry Hosanna

Fervency of praise, apocalyptic yearning, and a worldwide dimension characterise this album. The music has been selected from the songbook CRY HOSANA and represents an ecumenical and intentional collection featuring many musical styles. Whether you are young or old, Catholic or Protestant, traditional or not, there is something here for you. Usefulness in worship, teaching and celebration has authenticated these songs. It is our joy to share them with you.

Singers: Pat Allen, Ed Baggett, Conway Barker, Max Dyer, Bill Farra, Mimi Farra, Richard Gullen, Judith Harris, Celia Harrisson, Phil Higgs, Lorna McKeithen, Howard Page-Clark, Jodi Page-Clark, David Porter, Betty Pulkingham, Bill Pulkingham, Graham Pulkingham, Margi Pulkingham, Leslie Roberts, David Stayner, Sandy Stayner, Lindsay Treen, Ruth Wieting. Guitar: Mimi Farra, Richard Gullen, Phil Higgs, Bill Pulkingham, Sandy Stayner. Bass Guitar: Max Dyer, Richard Gullen, Judith Harris, Bill Pulkingham. Electric Guitar: Richard Gullen. Cello: Max Dyer. Violin: Louise Jolly. Oboe: Anne Marshall. Trumpet: Anthony Hendricks. Recorder: Judith Harris. Organ: Mimi Farra. Piano: Betty Pulkingham. Melodica: Phil Higgs. Mandolin, Flageolet: Max Dyer. Tambourine: Betty Pulkingham, Ruth Wieting. Percussion: Max Dyer, Richard Gullen, Anthony Hendricks, Bill Pulkingham.
Original Cover Design: Cathleen Morris and Ruth Wieting. Sound Engineer: Ray Prickett. Mobile Equipment: Brook Prickett. Recorded in the Cathedral of the Isles, Millport, Scotland.
We are grateful to the following copyright holders for the use of their material: Gift of finest wheat © 1977 Archdiocese of Philadelphia; We want to bless you © 1974 Reba Place Church; When led by the Spirit © 1976 Alleluia Community Music; Fill my cup, Lord © 1959 renewed 1988 Word Music Inc.; Neighbors © 1969 Hope Pub. Co.; The Servant song © 1977 Scripture in Song a div. of Integrity Music; Your love is changing the world © 1978 Jon Polce; Alleluia, he is coming © 1979 Martha Butler. All other original material on this recording is copyrighted by Celebration, P.O. Box 309, Aliquippa, PA 15001. Produced by Celebration (ASCAP).

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