How Sweet The Sound

Hymns are often born out of people’s struggles to make sense of the hope of our faith in the face of overwhelming odds. Originally, gospel hymns proclaimed simply the Good News of salvation. Gradually their purpose broadened to include songs expressing the desire of believers for a deeper personal relationship with Jesus. It is my prayer that these tried and true songs will speak to any who are in need of comfort and encouragement in their walk with God. - Wiley Beveridge

Vocals: Wiley Beveridge (soloist), Mimi Farra, Kevin Hackett, Marian Holmes, Betty Pulkingham, Erba Ritter, David Ritter, Sandy Stayner, Ruth Wieting. Guitar: Wiley Beveridge, Martyn Hawkes. Bass Guitar: Andy Kohn, Max Dyer. Cello: Max Dyer. Piano: Wiley Beveridge, Mimi Farra, Betty Pulkingham, Marian Holmes. Synthesizers: Wiley Beveridge, Marian Holmes, Betty Pulkingham. Flute, Recorder, Ocarina: Wiley Beveridge. Oboe: Joanna Jackson.
Sound Engineers: Tim Benedict AUDIO INNOVATORS, Pittsburgh, PA, Harry Coleman, EVERGREEN STUDIOS, Pittsburgh, PA. Our special thanks to Andy Kohn and Joanna Jackson for their musical assistance and contribution to this recording.
We are grateful to Word, Inc., for the use of “Had it Not Been” by Rusty Goodman. All other arrangements and original material on this recording are copyrighted by Celebration. Produced by Celebration (ASCAP).

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