Rest Awhile

Singers: Diane Davis Andrew, Wiley Beveridge, Jackie Gullen, Richard Gullen, Kevin Hackett, John McGranahan, Richard Paine, Betty Pulkingham, Martha Pulkingham, David Salge. Guitar: Richard Gullen. Cello: Max Dyer. Flute: Mike White, Wiley Beveridge. Oboe: Wake Foster. Clarinet: David Salge. Keyboards: Betty Pulkingham, Wiley Beveridge. Percussion: Max Dyer, Richard Gullen, Kevin Hackett, Betty Pulkingham, Martha Pulkingham. 
Original Cover Design: Kevin O’Neill / Tandem Design Group. Photography: Kevin O’Neill, Alan Krosnick. Sound Engineer: Ray Prickett. Equipment and Technical Assistance: Bill Holford, Bob Jarvis. Special Effects: Tom Weaver. Recorded at ACA Recording Studios, Houston, TX.
We are grateful to the following copyright holders for the use of their material: Living Words by Jodi Page-Clark, © G.I.A. Publications, Inc. All other original material on this recording is copyrighted by Celebration. Produced by Celebration (ASCAP).

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