Wake Up

Performers: Stephen Ball, Maggie Durran, Beverlee Paine, Richard Paine, Carol Welsh, Jon Wilkes. Children from Post Green Community; Kevin Crouch, Vivony Crouch, Jacqueline Durran, Michelle Hall, Abigail Mills. Guitar: Stephen Ball. Bass Guitar: Jon Wilkes. Cello: Max Dyer. Keyboard: Betty Pulkingham. Flageolet: Stephen Ball, Max Dyer. Percussion: Kevin O’Neill. 
Cover Design and Paintings by Dianne Gustafson and Ruth Wieting; Paintings from photograph by David Gustafson. Sound Engineer: Ray Prickett, Pye Studios, London. Recorded in Bray Sound Studios, Windsor, England.
We are grateful to the following copyright holders for the use of their material: He’s able © 1978 Singspiration, Inc. c/o Brentwood-Benson Music Pub., 741 Cool Springs Blvd. Franklin, TN 37067; I heard the Lord © 1973 Word of God Music, admin. The Copyright Co. 40 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203; Sweet Jesus © 1962 Gospel Publishing House, admin. Lorenz Corporation, PO Box 802 Dayton, OH 45401. All other original material on this recording is copyrighted by Celebration. Produced by Celebration (ASCAP).

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